Managed Services Essentials Core Components

Managed Services Essentials Core Components

Managed Devices Endpoints

The following section details the requirements for endpoints to be considered Managed Devices and fall into the Managed Device Classification.

What follows includes a list of recommended vendors for endpoints. This list may vary over time and the Engagement Manager will provide updates to these recommendations

Note that iuvo Technologies strongly recommends business-class endpoint solutions from DELL and Microsoft. While the other options detailed in this section are supported, iuvo Technologies has found that our clients experience fewer issues and have an overall better support experience with our recommended manufacturers.

Each End User monthly fee includes one (1) Endpoint Managed Device, but may add additional devices up to three (3) total Endpoint Managed Devices for additional fees as detailed in the Compensation and Billing section of this document.

The following are the specific requirements for Endpoints to meet the minimum requirements for Managed Device Classification:

  • Business-Class Desktop or Laptop from DELL, Microsoft, HP or Lenovo
  • Device is under Warranty that includes on-site service, labor and parts replacement (iuvo Technologies recommends “Next Business Day” options for most businesses)
  • Windows 10 Business, Professional or Enterprise
  • Windows Firewall Enabled
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft 365, including:
    • e-Mail
    • e-Mail Security
    • Antivirus
    • Directory Services
    • OneDrive
    • Standard Microsoft Office Applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)
  • Only applications listed in this section or on the list of Accepted Applications installed
  • All important or business-impacting Client data stored in cloud and not stored on Managed Device local storage
  • Intel Corei3 or better processor
  • Minimum 8 gigabytes of RAM
  • Minimum 250 gigabytes of disk, more if Accepted Applications require it
  • Services provided only to local/interactive user
  • Company-approved Cloud-Managed DNS with secure filtering of malicious content
  • Dynamic IP assignment
  • Standard Security Policy Maintained, and at a minimum:
    • No Administrative rights for any End User
    • Firewall, antivirus and antimalware solutions enabled at all times
    • Patches up to date at all times

Company reserves the right to alter the technology or Third Party provider of any and all services provided with thirty (30) days notice to Client. In the event of changes of provider or technology, Company will convert Client to new service at no cost to Client.

Managed Devices (Core Infrastructure)

The following section details the classification of a core infrastructure components which will be considered a Managed Device. (“Managed Device Classification”) Any Core Infrastructure component that falls outside of this classification will be supported only on a Best Effort and Time and Materials basis.

Note that iuvo Technologies strongly recommends Datto and other cloud-managed services. These services significantly improve security, automate and streamline patching, reduce management, reduce the likelihood of the need for on-site services at additional fees, and ultimately reduce the likelihood of provided services becoming unavailable.

  • Firewall / Router
    • Datto, Cisco or SonicWall
    • Verizon or Comcast routers acceptable only if there are NO open ports for inbound traffic or services
    • Limit one (1) for every two hundred and fifty (250) users
    • Active warranty and fully licensed
    • Configured by default to Deny all inbound traffic
    • No open traffic to internal infrastructure that is not business critical
    • No open traffic to internal infrastructure that is not appropriately secure
    • Appropriately sized for the number of users, amount of traffic, other required services
    • Maximum five years old as determined by purchase date
  • Switch
    • Datto, Cisco or NetGear
    • Minimum 1 gigabit
    • Limit one (1) switch for every forty (40) Managed Devices
    • Limit two (2) VLANs for Managed Devices
    • Non-user services and traffic must be isolated to different switch
    • Active warranty and fully licensed
    • Maximum five years old as determined by purchase date
  • WiFi
    • Datto, Cisco or SonicWall
    • Ubiquiti solutions acceptable with CloudKey option
    • Minimum 802.11 n support
    • Minimum one (1) access point for every twenty (20) Managed Devices
    • Maximum three (3) access points for every twenty (20) Managed Devices
    • Appropriate physical location to serve needs of Managed Devices
    • Appropriate capacity and configuration to support non-Managed Devices without impeding successful operation of Managed Devices
    • Guest networks strictly and completely isolated from Managed Device network
    • Active warranty and fully licensed
    • Maximum five years old as determined by purchase date
  • Internet Service Provider (“ISP”) *
    • Minimum twenty-five 25 Mbps ingress/10 Mbps egress bandwidth for every ten (10) Managed Devices at facility on average
    • Appropriate uptime to meet Client needs, minimum 99.9%
    • Appropriate bandwidth to meet Client needs, not to exceed 60% average consumption of available bandwidth

Core Infrastructure Managed Devices must provide the following services for all other Managed Devices:

  • Dynamic IP assignment via DHCP
  • Firewall to limit incoming traffic to managed devices
  • Appropriate connectivity to internal and external services
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention technologies highly recommended, but not required

Uninterruptible Power Supplies will not be considered Managed Devices and will be supported only on a Time and Materials and Best Effort basis.

* Management of an ISP and any associated issues is considered a Limited Service as detailed by the Limited Service section of this Statement of Work.

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Last Updated: 4/10/2018