I have some background in major utility information technology, so I’m going to be more quiet than usual on this particular issue (let’s just say I’ve been talking about this for well over ten years), but I still want to spread the word around.

Symantec reports: “The energy sector in Europe and North America is being targeted by a new wave of cyber attacks that could provide attackers with the means to severely disrupt affected operations. The group behind these attacks is known as Dragonfly. The group has been in operation since at least 2011 but has re-emerged over the past two years from a quiet period following exposure by Symantec and a number of other researchers in 2014. This “Dragonfly 2.0” campaign, which appears to have begun in late 2015, shares tactics and tools used in earlier campaigns by the group.”


It doesn’t take a very big leap to see where this might turn into a major issue, and most people who concern themselves with security on a daily basis are likely not going to be surprised. For more articles on security, see our regular security blogs on the topic.