Tough Tech

To solve the tech challenges of a twenty-first-century world, scientists and leaders need more advanced technologies and creative approaches than the traditional models of the last century. They need breakthrough leadership willing to make the leap away from complacency to innovation, with a dual focus on a successful business and a thriving world.

iuvo Technologies supports your company's tough tech aims with powerful tools and responsive experts who understand the value of collaboration for true innovation. We leverage our knowledge of the history of breakthrough science and our experience managing IT for startups to help you change the world.


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What is Tough Tech?

Like deep and frontier tech, tough tech seeks to create technology that will address the world's most formidable problems with a combination of breakthrough leadership, engineering, and science. Tough tech, however, is mission-focused, using transformative technology to achieve meaningful progress and lasting solutions.

In 2015, MIT President L. Rafael Reif composed an op-ed in the Washington Post describing the fundamental problem facing innovators seeking long-term support for their tough tech ideas. He explained that the U.S. market is designed for firms with the potential for profitability within five to six years, with no stable framework for slow-growing solutions for the significant problems of resource insecurity, health concerns and climate change.

Why is Tough Tech Important?

Tough tech's aim of making meaningful strides in scientific, social and technological challenges means that the effects of these startups will resonate across a plethora of industries in the U.S and provide greater social returns. and around the world. Tough Tech investigates the intersection of technology and science in an impressively wide array of areas, including:

  • Lab-grown plant alternatives to reduce deforestation
  • Carbon-free energy sources
  • Sustainable energy storage
  • Regenerative medicine
  • Mitochondrial treatments for neurological disorders
  • Immunological cancer treatments
  • Ultrasound drug delivery
  • Sustainable skincare
  • Ultra-efficient optical circuits
  • Quantum software development
  • Cloud computing optimization
  • Photonics and AI
  • Automated industry logistics with AI
  • Fully electric heavy machinery
  • Zero-emission steel and alloy production
  • Real-time satellite networks
  • Decarbonizing the chemical separation process
  • Alternative staples based on renewable resources
  • Reappropriation of resource waste as energy
  • Natural food coatings to reduce packaging
  • 3D printing
  • Nanotechnology as mobile sensing units within the body
  • Automated biology labs
  • Soft implantable neurological technologies

Tough Tech by the Numbers

  • Year-over-year increase in VC investment from 2019 to 2020: 48.7% 
  • Advanced Systems & Infrastructure: $20 billion
  • Climate change: $22.3 billion
  • Human Health: $41.7 billion
  • Advanced and quantum computing: $1.2 billion
  • Agtech and Foodtech: $17 billion
  • Life sciences: $144.6 billion
  • Robotics and drones: $16.1 billion


IT Challenges for Tough Tech Startups

Technology is at the center of modern communication, and the rise of cyberattacks and misinformation has undermined the public trust in technological systems. The tough tech sector is not immune to this phenomenon; it's easy to blame technology in general for the destructive effects of cybercrime.

With more data protection regulation and enhanced compliance measures, businesses of all sizes should see an improved public response to technological innovation. The first step for most startups is to establish high-level security protocols for their data and communications. If your IT team carefully manages threats against your proprietary data, they simultaneously protect your brand's image. Other challenges include:

Your data and communications security are essential for your business, no matter your industry. In the world of tough tech, advanced security protection is even more urgent as you develop proprietary technologies and communicate with strategic partners.

Your IT leaders should carefully secure the network at your primary place of business from outside attacks and internal errors. While you can find free or inexpensive security software for your startup, the wiser choice remains to rely on a trusted IT partner to provide the security infrastructure for your company. Particularly, a company that has a proven history with successful startup exits, like iuvo Technologies.

Reducing overhead in order to reserve funds for product development may include encouraging hybrid and remote work setups for your employees. Since you also want secure communications, you need to establish equipment and data transfer technology protocols. Your employees should use only approved computing equipment and data transfer methods, preferably managed by your IT team or partner.

Rule-based and role-based access to specific persons within the company guarantee a tighter frame of security when remote work is necessary. In many startups, for instance, some employees will wear several hats, which requires access to a variety of sensitive information. Rule-based refers to data restrictions from the IP address of a specific user, where role-based is dependent on the category or department that needs the appropriate access. 

Social media opens the door for tough tech startups to share their victories and answer questions about their work. With an intense focus on mission-based projects, these companies can leverage the reach of social media to communicate with their base and find new partners.

On the other hand, misinformation and deepfake content lead to general cynicism and distrust of technology. Whether humorous or malicious, misinformation can shape the public image of a brand in undesirable ways. A social media marketing expert on your team can ameliorate the potential problem of misinformation about your product or research. 

Tough tech already operates at the forward edge of breakthrough science; thus, the data systems and infrastructure models should be able to adapt to emerging technology quickly. An agile IT system ensures that your IT systems work well together and are flexible enough to modify without significant disruption to your research or business. For example, since an agile team is smaller in size, communication and cooperation are keys to success. Where there was once siloed efforts, there is now one team on one whole project, adapting as the need arises. This also creates easier communication between IT systems.

Agile teams allow for better communication and collaboration, cutting costs in both time and money. They’re also prepared for any risk of disaster or change that comes their way, for example, a pandemic that can flip a business upside down. 

Many businesses struggle to recover from dramatic shifts in the market due to supply chain issues, political changes, public health crises and damaging weather events. A stable IT infrastructure mitigates the problems these obstacles cause to productivity and operations, allowing for flexible adaptations to work schedules and data protocols.

More importantly, before a disaster ever strikes, a business should always start proactively, by setting a disaster and recovery plan in place before one ever takes place. Our team at iuvo provides the support and help businesses need to be prepared for anything on the horizon. 

Many employers report a gap in the skills of their in-house IT professionals, which leads to clear obstacles for startups trying to meet goals efficiently and effectively. Poor IT support can affect customer service, employee productivity and, most importantly, data security. Founders need to invest in experienced and qualified professionals, whether an in-house IT team or a manager from the company’s inception.

iuvo Technologies and
Tough Tech

All businesses, especially startups, need the proper IT support. Having an IT partner handle this means your employees can focus on what's vital to your business.



Benefits of Managed IT Services for Tough Tech Startups

Managed IT services offer tough tech startups an outsider's perspective of company infrastructure. This bird-eye view improves overall productivity and efficiency by eliminating redundancies and streamlining procedures. Using managed IT services cuts labor costs by reducing errors and out of pocket expenses for benefits, and incorporating more effective software and network systems. Your company can scale up more smoothly with agile, predictable and efficient frameworks already in place.


Ways iuvo Technologies Can Support Your Tough Tech Goals

iuvo Technologies can take on the entire IT needs of your business or support your established in-house team. With years of experience in IT and startups, 53% of the VC-backed startups we support achieve successful exits, more than double the average of 25%. Our team is responsive and agile, and we will set your company up for scalability and growth from the inception of our partnership.


Tough Tech Shoots for the Moon and Changes the World

From public health to renewable energy to heavy industry, tough tech entrepreneurs want to disrupt the status quo and become forces for positive change in the world. Partner with us at iuvo Technologies to support your breakthrough leadership and innovation to reach your tough tech goals with our experienced and qualified managed IT services.


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