Electronic Design Automation & Semiconductors


The EDA Software Stack Is Critical To Take You From Ideal To Real Product.

Electronic design automation empowers your team to design and produce better electronic systems. iuvo Technologies’ consultants will help you harness the power of EDA and get to market sooner.

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EDA Services That Take Your Product From Idea to Reality

With the right tools, your business can design semiconductor chips in a way that optimizes the path from idea to product. We will help your team implement the right software solutions to achieve maximum return on investment.



EDA & Information Technology

Electronic design automation is in constant need of a set of software solutions that aid in the design of electronic systems, including integrated circuits and printed circuit boards. With the complexity of modern semiconductor chips and their use in rapid prototyping, product design and more, having the right EDA tools is a practical necessity.


Our IT consultants have years of experience with EDA software and systems. We address all your EDA concerns and ensure you are achieving the best possible productivity, automation and results.


Design Scalable Storage

iuvo Technologies’ electronic design services empower the central design of data and tools. This provides an easy-to-manage environment for making consistent products. You can also scale performance efficiently by distributing simulation results.


Maximize ROI With EDA Design Tools

Product design success is centered on optimizing return on investment. Using the right electronic design automation (EDA) software, you can minimize costs and streamline resource usage. This can dramatically increase productivity and translate to real ROI improvements. Our EDA services can even help you with licensing costs.


Create an Efficient Computing Infrastructure

Great infrastructure design lives in the intersection of computing power and cost management. Our team will empower your designers to enhance design workflows, simulation and verification.


Optimize the Designer Experience With Electronic Design Automation Software

Your product designers should be focused on designing the best possible products, not fighting with their tools. Let us put them on the path to success by configuring the right designer experience for your unique needs.


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Benefits of Choosing iuvo Technologies' EDA IT Services

Your EDA and semiconductor business needs the right IT solutions to maximize growth. Count on us to empower your team’s success.

  • Consultants with more than 22+ years of experience in EDA and semiconductor processes and procedures
  • Managed services provider with a proven record in the EDA space
  • Consultants ready to provide on-site support throughout Boston, New Hampshire and Massachusetts
  • On-site IT services backed by white-glove support

We Can Help Your EDA & Semiconductor Business

Our Boston-based white-glove IT services are exactly what your business needs to move to the next level. 

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