iuvo strives to be a leader in inclusivity and diversity. We believe wholeheartedly that living and breathing these ideals is not only the right thing to do but fosters an environment that allows the best people to provide the best service. We value the work environment we have created and take seriously our commitment to:


  • Treat all employees equitably and provide equal opportunity
  • Diversify our staff and audiences
  • Recognize the rights of all our employees
  • Honor the different backgrounds and experiences our staff and clients have lived through
  • Show acceptance for all communities, nationalities, genders and perspectives
  • Foster a culture of respect and dignity
  • Reject racism, misogyny, discrimination and other forms of unfair treatment
  • Hold our employees, volunteers, contractors, interns and clients accountable for the roles they play in ensuring inclusion
  • Commit to being a leading and growing voice advocating for all