Maintain Your Data Security and Accessibility

The biotech industry provides an invaluable service to society. Protecting your data is imperative when you are dealing with the sensitive and proprietary information common to biotech startups.

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Guarantee Data Security

A secure IT system is the key to protecting your intellectual property. iuvo Technologies is committed to designing effective biotech IT systems to safeguard the R&D, bioinformatics and pharmaceutical and therapeutic data that are the essence of life sciences industries.  



Increased Company Productivity

When the success of your Boston biotech or life science tech business depends on moving efficiently from research to market, you need communication and collaboration tools tailored to your company’s specific needs. Our consultants establish systems with effective tools and fast processing speeds designed to increase production capabilities, leaving your team to focus on reaching company goals.


Modernize Your Workforce

Your data needs to be secure, but they also need to be accessible for those who require them. iuvo Technologies makes it our business to stay up-to-date on cutting-edge technologies, ensuring your employees have the tools they need to get their jobs done anywhere, any time.


Ensure Company Scalability

You need an IT system that lets you quickly and confidently scale your business. We specialize in designing platforms that grow with your company, enabling you to seamlessly get your drug, therapy or device to market. Our life sciences IT consulting includes benefits such as support for heterogeneous platforms and effective employee onboarding programs.


Capitalize on Our Industry Knowledge

iuvo Technologies knows your industry. We have worked with companies representing healthcare, pharmaceuticals, life sciences and biotech, providing us with expertise on the strict guidelines entailed in getting your products in the hands of those whose health and well-being depend on your company’s ability to deliver.


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Reap the Benefits

iuvo Technologies provides your startup with unmatched coverage and expertise. Our IT startup services provide:

  • Consultants with 21+ years experience. Special focus on Life Sciences and Biotech processes and procedures
  • Proven MSP history of success for Life Sciences and Biotech clients
  • Quick service in the greater Boston-Cambridge area
  • On site white-glove IT services

We Are Here for You

Find out more about how iuvo Technologies can help you successfully launch your life sciences and biotech company. Contact us today at (781) 722-3200.

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