In the life sciences and biotech industry, data is a critical element of success. iuvo offers reliable managed IT services for teams in this space with our uniquely tailored expertise and insight to help your life sciences or biotech business thrive.


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Maximizing Data Security and Accessibility

Information plays a huge role in every business in the biotech field. The Biotechnology Innovation Organization puts it plainly: “Intellectual property is the lifeblood of the biotechnology industry.” Without data, analysis and intellectual property, most biotech businesses simply wouldn’t exist. 

iuvo's cybersecurity solutions are centered on a unique 360-degree approach to actively safeguarding your business data from digital attacks. We achieve this by hardening your systems to keep would-be attackers out, actively monitoring potential threats and suggesting policies that protect against the most common form of attack: social engineering.
Like all information, your business and biotechnical data are only valuable if you can work with it to further your goals. This includes ensuring that your data is highly available and giving you the tools to effectively manage and analyze your data. We design data solutions around the way that your team works and collaborate with your team to identify requirements and find the systems that best support your success.
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Drive Life Sciences Success With IT Services and Support

Although often considered an expense, your IT infrastructure can be an investment in your success. As described above, access to your data resources is essential for any biotech business. However, the benefits extend far beyond that. These are some ways that investing in IT can help your business grow.
IT systems help your people connect with the data and other resources they need to do their jobs. The better those systems are, the more productive your people can be. For example, elements as simple as fast and available access to files can make a big difference in team members’ productivity.
Highly flexible IT infrastructure can also allow your team to customize workflows. The best information technology systems work around the people on your team, not the other way around. At iuvo, we are dedicated to understanding your needs so we can offer the best managed IT services for life sciences possible.
As the name implies, IT centers on managing and delivering information. The right access can enable new insights and innovations that may not have been accomplished otherwise. For example, data visualization tools can help your team members to quickly understand and analyze your data.
Additionally, better access to information can mean better decisions. Trying to make intelligent business and research decisions without access to the right information is like trying to solve a puzzle in the dark. We can help you shine a light on the strategic choices ahead.
Most work in biotech companies is done with at least some collaboration. This may be between researchers, scientists, manufacturing team members, executives and many others. IT tools such as video conferencing and instant messaging can help people to communicate.
Of course, a lot of biotech work is data-driven and cognitive. Being able to collaborate on documents, share ideas and explore data is essential. This can be enabled through the right IT infrastructure. File systems, databases and more can give your team a competitive edge.
Every business relies on its customers to grow. Your customers want access to assistance and information to better use your products and services. In the biotech space, customers are often highly technical. Your IT resources can help you to better manage and respond to customer requests.
More satisfied customers are more likely to continue working with your business. Additionally, a strong reputation for accessibility and customer service can help to increase sales through endorsements and word of mouth. It even helps to reduce employee turnover as your customer-facing team gets to interact with happy customers more often.
Often, an investment in IT infrastructure can help to reduce the costs of doing business. For example, automation can accelerate work while reducing the need for labor inputs. Many legacy processes rely heavily on the time and energy of team members. Eliminating even a small amount of this through the application of technology can result in seriously improved operational costs.
Managed IT and consulting services can help your business to save on your IT expenses as well. With in-house infrastructure, any unused resources achieve nothing other than increasing costs. Conversely, partnering with a managed services company or IT consultant for your IT infrastructure means that you can pay for exactly what you need with no wastage. There is also a happy medium. Co-managed IT where your IT resources work with a partner IT consulting agency also helps manage and reduce costs that may have gone unnoticed otherwise.
Additionally, managed IT services can help prevent costly problems such as system outages, which cost an average of $9,000 per minute according to a 2016 study. Simply put, working with iuvo Technologies can help save you money.

With the right managed IT services for life sciences businesses, you can set your business on the path to success. iuvo is the service provider that Boston-area biotech firms turn to.

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Empower Innovation by Building Operational Scalability and Flexibility

For many biotech businesses, especially those that are heavily focused on research, the ability to scale and be flexible is essential. After achieving a significant milestone in developing a new product, service or therapy, it is common to need to move faster and to expand operations. This is easier when you are backed by the right IT infrastructure.
Managed IT services from iuvo can empower your business with the flexibility and scalability you need to thrive.
When you invest in in-house resources, your options for scaling are limited and costly. However, when you choose to partner, you can leverage our robust available resources to quickly increase the scope of your infrastructure in a cost-effective manner.
Many of our customers elect to co-manage their infrastructure with us. This enables them to reap the availability and control of on-site hardware and personnel while having us as both a contingency and a scaling partner.

Custom IT Solutions for Life Sciences Businesses

Every organization’s information technology requirements are a little different. We have extensive experience working with businesses across many verticals, including biotech and life sciences. Our top priority is deeply understanding your needs and planning IT resources around your unique requirements.
We can create custom solutions for businesses ranging from startups to large enterprises. For example, in 2019, we helped a biotech startup implement a cloud-first infrastructure. Check out our resources page to find more case studies and information on how iuvo can empower your business.

Our Suite of Managed IT Services for Life Sciences Teams

iuvo knows your industry. We have worked with companies representing healthcare, pharmaceuticals, life sciences and biotech, providing us with expertise on the strict guidelines entailed in getting your products in the hands of those whose health and well-being depend on your company’s ability to deliver. Our team is here to help you with all your information technology needs. We offer a comprehensive set of managed services backed by our deep IT knowledge and dedication to empowering clients.

Cloud Computing Services

Whether it is to access and run your bioinformatics or to store data more securely, we have seasoned professionals versed in cloud architecture, management, and more.

Assessment Services

Our approach begins with an in-depth assessment of your current systems and needs. Our methodology is grounded by our focus on the people of your team. The greatest tools in the world are not of much use if they don’t work for the people using them.

System and Network Administration

This core service focuses on the systems and networks that keep your business ticking. We will help you keep everything running smoothly so you can focus on developing your technology, therapy, service or pharmaceutical as well as growing your business.

Messaging Implementation and Management

Collaboration is a huge part of every team. We will help you stay connected with tools such as instant messaging, Microsoft Exchange and Office 365.

Security and Data Protection Services

Your data plays a big role in your business. Let us protect it for you by implementing solutions such as firewalls, antivirus, antispam, backup and data recovery.

Monitoring, Event Management, and Proactive Assistance

Our team can proactively monitor your IT environment to identify any issues before they impact your team. We will handle events and resolve problems rapidly and behind the scenes.

Complete Startup Implementation

If you are growing a biotech startup, our managed IT services for life sciences are right for you. Our founders have extensive experience with the startup world and understand the unique challenges you are facing.

Open Source Integration

Many of our customers want to harness the power and cost savings of open-source and community-driven software. The iuvo team is highly experienced in integrating these solutions with other IT infrastructure.

We also have experience with business continuityIT supportvendor management and more. You can even leverage iuvo as your virtual CIO.


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Leverage iuvo’s Industry Insight for Your Business Success

The right managed IT services for life sciences businesses can have a huge impact on your business’ success. The iuvo team has wide-ranging skills and knowledge with experience in tools like Windows or Linux. Our cloud knowledge - which is increasingly vital to the success of biotechs and life science companies due to the vast computational power needed - sets us apart from other MSPs and IT Consultants.
We have experience working with businesses of 10 people and enterprises of hundreds or more. Our strength lies in understanding the unique needs of each industry vertical and team we work with. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your biotech business and get started with an initial consultation.
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Frequent IT and Technology Issues for Life Sciences & Biotech Teams

iuvo helps life sciences and biotech companies with their information technology needs. This starts with vendor selection and system implementation to ensure seamless and easy integration of new tools. Through years of experience and many industry clients, we know many of the common issues that companies in this field face.

Scientists and technicians working in this industry are often highly capable people with a clear understanding of what they want to achieve. However, they may lack the IT know-how to achieve those goals using their in-house technology. This can be the result of not having quite the right IT tools for the job. It may also be a simple case of lack of familiarity with the systems.

How iuvo can help: We work with life sciences and biotech teams to identify the right IT tools for the job. This includes digging deep into your company goals, how the tools will be used and whether or not the tools can be seamlessly linked for an easier and more productive working environment. We ask the right questions to ensure that you are getting what you need and we never force clients to use specific tools that they may not be comfortable with. Then, we put in the hard work to implement those tools correctly and cohesively. We’ll set up the systems that will let you operate at maximum efficiency.

Another common problem is having several good tools that don’t work well together. Integration is a very common IT problem in life sciences and other industries. This often impacts team members trying to pull data into MATLAB or RStudio, for example.
How iuvo can help: Even if you already have systems up and running, we can evaluate them and improve or implement your integrations. So, if you have one system for generating data and another for analyzing it, we can make them talk to each other, streamlining your work. We also have in-depth knowledge that allows us to make suggestions on tools and integrations that you may not be currently using. Our focus is always on delivering the right best-in-class product for your team, even if that is different from what you are used to.
Perhaps your life sciences business is growing. This is great news, but it can spell trouble for a poorly set up IT infrastructure. Issues such as varied data sources, poorly integrated multiple cloud solutions or overreliance on on-premises equipment can lead to both scaling and security problems.
How iuvo can help: Our goal is to empower your success and growth. We will audit your current systems and recommend changes to help you scale rapidly more easily. Our team is highly knowledgeable about these types of situations and has seen several startups through their growth and exit processes. We will work closely with your team to help transition you to a new infrastructure that can easily be ramped up as you grow, as seamlessly as possible.

Reap the Benefits

iuvo provides your startup with unmatched coverage and expertise. Our IT startup services provide:

  • Consultants with 22+ years experience. Special focus on Life Sciences and Biotech processes and procedures
  • Proven MSP history of success for Life Sciences and Biotech clients
  • Quick service in the greater Boston-Cambridge area
  • On site white-glove IT services

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