Secure And Quickly Access Your Research And Data.


Ensure Your Data Is Always Secure

Centrally store and protect the data that is vital to your research, design and success. We know your R&D, bioinformatics, and data for your pharmaceuticals and therapies are the lifeline that keeps your business operational and effective and we’re committed to ensuring it is always protected and functioning. Your intellectual property and hard work are of utmost importance to our company.


Increased Productivity & Processing Speeds

Our work is tailored to onboard effective communication and collaboration tools that assist your company in reaching its goals, including cross functional access to your company’s data for increased productivity and establishing the best tools for the fastest processing speeds possible.


Modernize Your Workforce

Streamline and simplify the way your Scientists, Doctors, Specialists and other employees work. Ensuring your company is using cutting-edge technology and is committed to a digital-first approach is our specialty. Adopting this approach will ensure your employees have quick and efficient access to data and the tools they need to get their jobs done anywhere, anytime.



The IT systems we set up allow you to confidently and quickly scale your business to get your drug, therapy, medical device or other product to market faster without interruptions or distractions. Our IT platforms deliver benefits like the ability to onboard new employees quickly and securely, support for your heterogeneous platforms and predictable and contained costs allowing you to spend more money where it is most effective in your business.


Industry Knowledge

Whether your company is representing healthcare, pharmaceuticals, biotech, biotherapeutics, research and design, or other life sciences fields, iuvo Technologies is versed on the strict guidelines that you’re required to meet and appreciate your desire to help people while quickly creating and selling your products. We have worked with many life sciences and bio-tech companies, from startups to established companies, to ensure they meet deadlines, comply with security and privacy guidelines and achieve company objectives.


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The coverage and expertise your Life Sciences and Biotech business gains from hiring iuvo Technologies is unmatched in the Boston area.

  • IT Consultants with 21+ years experience. Special focus on Life Sciences and Biotech processes and procedures
  • MSP with a proven history of success for Life Sciences and Biotech clients
  • Consultants covering all areas of Boston-Cambridge, New Hampshire and Massachusetts to have onsite and available quickly when needed
  • On site, white-glove IT services

Helping Your Life Sciences & Biotech Businesses

Find out more about our Boston-based white-glove IT services and the clients we have successfully helped across Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

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