Meet The Team

iuvo Technologies’ IT consultants have an average of over 22 years of IT experience and are motivated to build on their success and keep ahead of the latest trends. Click on each member to learn more.

Bryon Beilman

Bryon Beilman is CEO and co-founder of iuvo Technologies, inc. which he and colleague Jeff Ouellette started in 2007. With more than 30 years in IT and systems management, Bryon brings a broad set of technical and business skills he has developed while working for small, large, government and startup organizations.  

Bryon is an industry leader and as CEO has responsibility for Sales, Marketing and Business Development at iuvo Technologies. Bryon has a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Colorado, Boulder and has been a contributing author on books, conference papers and is a regular contributor to the iuvo Blog. When not in front of a keyboard, Bryon enjoys spending time with his family, running, biking and playing guitar.

Chris Brierley

Chris has deep technical knowledge in Linux, networking, scripting and open source technologies as well as advanced knowledge of optimizing heterogeneous IT infrastructure and the tools for streamlining their management. He specializes in simplifying complex environments and improving efficiency through process and tool refinement, automation, documentation and training.

Outside of iuvo, Chris would be found spending time with his family or rooting for the Cincinnati Bengals.

Greg Brown

Greg is part of our Rapid Response Delivery Team, internally called Team Awesome Sauce. It is designed to make sure our customers are getting the best service on the planet. From solving technical problems to ensuring those solutions are deployed in our automation platform, Greg’s deep technical roots ensure that we do IT right.  

When he is not providing the best IT service on the planet, Greg enjoys many aspects of music; playing and building custom guitars.

Wafic Chehab

Wafic is also known as WiFi and is a jack of all trades. He is passionate about Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Virtualization, and Computer Networks. He takes pride in providing robust system administration and a great customer experience. On the weekends, WiFi enjoys going on scenic trails while drinking freshly brewed coffee.

Tommaso D'Agostino

Tommaso D'Agostino is the Business Development Specialist at iuvo. With the tenacity of a former athlete and the strategic acumen of a coach, he excels in forging partnerships, solving challenges, and crafting impactful solutions.  His ability to pinpoint opportunities, cultivate connections, and navigate complex scenarios is second to none. Tommaso has a passion for growth, nurtured through sports and personal training entrepreneurship.

Outside of iuvo, Tommaso's all about action. Workouts, hikes with his dog, and going to the beach are his jam. Coffee's a must, and he's a foodie on a mission to savor it all!


Jess DeForge

Jess is a former educator turned marketing enthusiast! She is a lifelong learner with a MS in Education. Outside of marketing, she loves spending time with her family and friends. Driving adventures with her husband to practice photography is one of her favorite weekend activities. Jess is a proud auntie, and a dog mama to two crazy Boston Terriers (Bruin & Remy). Beaches and Rivers are her happy places. Truffle fries and chocolate chip cookies feed her soul. 



Christine Fecteau

Christine is part of our IT Consulting team delivering excellent solutions to our customers.  She is no stranger to Windows, VMWare and storage platforms and gives our customers a great feeling as she handles any challenge.

She has the power to travel downhill both ways in the sunshine and can play all instruments simultaneously.

Dennis Foote

Dennis is an IT generalist with over 15 years’ experience in the MSP space. He is focused on cloud and all things application-based that allow businesses to run in a productive and efficient way.  He is motivated by providing a great customer experience and reliable service that helps everyone he works with succeed.


When Dennis is not working with clients you might find him outdoors hiking, hanging out with his kids by the pool or researching what it will take to cook his next victory in the kitchen.

Matt Freake

Matt is passionate about the people behind IT but that doesn't mean he isn't technical. With a deep understanding of cloud infrastructures, he works with customer's to build bespoke solutions that are not only secure and cutting edge, but also user friendly. Internally at iuvo Technologies, he is focused on making all aspects of our business reflect our Core Values as well as making iuvo Technologies a great place for it's employees. He spends his free time rock climbing, playing the drums, and on the perpetual quest to make the best cup of coffee.

Robert Gobell

Rob is an expert in Backup and Disaster Recovery. He is part of the specialty team for bringing new clients onboard and getting them up to speed.  He brings technical depth in all aspects of IT including VMWare, storage, Windows and networking. Having supported large multi-site environments in the past gives him clear value while helping them successfully scale.  

When not helping clients and solving life's great IT mysteries, he's known to enjoy watching a movie, listening to music, gaming with friends online or in person, or traveling. Little known fact: geology and physics are the original rock and roll.

Bethany Haley

Bethany is no stranger to Windows, VMWare and Cyberark as well as ensuring our customers adhere to important standards like ITIL, SOX and HIPAA.  Applying the perfect blend of technical awesomeness and high end customer service, Bethany ensures that our customers experience the best IT service on the planet.

Duff Goldman asks her advice on Baking and her guacamole inspired the term ‘holy guacamole’.

Norman Hall

Norman is part of our IT Consulting team and has over 25 years experience in Windows/Linux engineering and administration. The bulk of his career has been supporting availability, stability, and performance of critical production and non-production financial systems.  He has managed several support engineering and DevOps teams with successful results.

In his spare time, Norman enjoys anything outdoors with his family – Camping, hiking, fishing, and enjoying their ATV’s

Courtney Harasimowicz

Courtney leads our business operations team and specializes in process development and implementation to achieve the highest efficiency. She has a MS degree in organizational leadership and considerable experience supporting various aspects of the business from internal consulting, developing and maintaining day-to-day business activities, and coordinating business operations and solutions.

When Courtney is not in the office, you might find her enjoying the outdoors fishing, hiking, or zipping around on her ATV.

Chase Henson

Chase is a part of our IT Consulting team and is well versed in Microsoft Cloud Solutions, cloud VOIP implementation, and MacOS. He is passionate about aligning IT solutions with companies' business processes.

He spends his free time juggling, playing board games, contra dancing, and obsessing over cocktails/coffee.

Ken Hillstrom

Ken is an IT generalist, educator, and lifelong learner. When not providing general IT solutions and ensuring the best customer service around, he loves studying, learning, and trying anything tech related and is always willing to help. He has often been compared to a golden retriever personality-wise. Although he does love a good walk on the beach in the sunset and a romantic candlelight dinner, you can find him often spending time with his wife at home, connecting with friends, and enjoying outdoor activities.

Charles Johnson

Charles is passionate about customer service and technology. Having worked in retail, higher education, and corporate environments he is a strong advocate for the clients he supports and strives to build strong relationships with everyone he meets. Curious by nature, Charles finds that when he runs out of questions it is time for him to move on to his next venture.

When he isn't working, he enjoys hiking, gaming, meditation, and making music. Charles also loves to cook for friends and family whenever he gets the chance.

Adam Jones

Adam is a progressive IT generalist with over 20 years of experience in the MSP industry. He is focused on implementing cloud-first technology solutions that drive growth and productivity for small and medium-sized businesses. He is a self-driven, customer-centric engineer with a passion for learning and deploying new technologies.


When he's not flying through the clouds, he can be found volunteering at events for a local animal rescue or spending time with his foster pups and his own pack. He enjoys cooking and eating all types of cuisines and he has a new-found love for house plants.


Justin Mantell

Justin is a self-starting entrepreneur and spreadsheet junky with experience owning and operating successful businesses. When he is not driving his wife crazy with elaborate fantasies of saving time & money by cataloging their every waking action in Excel, you can find him writing, recording, and performing music as a part of the fuzz- and creep-pop quartet Dutch Tulips, or speaking fluent doggo with his two rescue pups Taco and Dougie.

Jesse McCain

Jesse is known for developing long-lasting relationships with our clients and team members alike. Utilizing experience from over 2 decades of IT consulting, Jesse guides our clients and iuvo team members to leverage IT efficiently. He champions our Best in Class technology providers, collaborates with clients to meet with their compliance requirements and explains it all in language understandable by anyone.

When he is not holding a Master Class in Excel for co-workers, he can be found spending time with his family and foster kids, on the slopes of the Ice Coast's ski areas, or riding his bike on the trails and roads of MetroWest.

Cristina McIntire

Cristina is in charge of all things Marketing. She works to ensure that our customers and the world know the goodness that is iuvo Technologies. Fluent in all modern marketing techniques, Cristina helps turn complex technological terms into easy to understand services and opportunities with proven results. Armed with a variety of certifications in HubSpot, Salesforce, Google and more, she gets our greatness out to the world. 

Cristina enjoys frequently traveling, loving on her animals and spending time with her family. Her charm is so contagious, vaccines were created for it.  

Faith Miller

Faith has spent her professional career focused on improving business practices behind the scenes to deliver the highest quality customer service.  She strives to offer her team the tools they need to make data-driven decisions about project costs, profitability of clients, and internal business expenses. She is obsessed with efficiency and is alway working to build processes to streamline operations and to boost productivity of her teammates.


In her downtime, she likes to get her groove on at a Zumba class, conquer mountains, and share obscure animal facts.

Derek Murphy

Derek has over twenty years of hands on and management experience in IT. Derek has a wide range of experience with more focus on linux, storage, virtualization, automation, and people management. Derek has an engineering mindset and has spent most of his career helping organizations grow and scale. Derek excels in turning chaos to clarity.

Derek loves animals of all kinds. Derek and his daughter have a lovely dog and enjoys going for walks, biking, kayaking and generally anything that involved the outdoors and sunshine. Derek also loves a good IPA along with delicious grilled BBQ.


Brian O'Neill

Brian is our monitoring and automation guru. His expertise is in UNIX/Linux systems, Internet service technologies and production hosting environments. In addition, he has experience in web, networking, enterprise-level backup/recovery systems, programming and course instruction, having worked as an adjunct faculty member for several colleges and universities as well as a corporate instructor. His work experience spans many sectors including education, financial, retail, content delivery, and engineering fields.

When Brian is not busy architecting and building cool IT infrastructure, you can find him supporting theater productions in the local schools, running his Sci-Fi Storm website or actively engaging with writers, producers and actors at conferences and conventions.

Jeff Ouellette

Jeff is COO and a co-founder of iuvo Technologies. With more than 25 years in IT and computer systems, Jeff brings a broad set of technical and business skills he has developed while running a business and consulting to a broad range of businesses and organizations. 

Jeff has a bachelors degree from WPI in business with a minor in computer science and an MBA from Boston University.  As COO, He is in responsible for the operations of the company including service delivery, finance and human resources.

If you run into Jeff outside of work, you might find Jeff enjoying time with his family, running a marathon, or relaxing on a boat.

Edwin Perkins

With Ed’s over twenty years of IT experience, he has had an opportunity to work with many different technologies.  He has a proven ability to build and managed teams and deliver exceptional results. Developing business solutions, designing computer infrastructure and an emphasis on providing excellent customer service is what he is about.

When he is not rocking the IT world with his solutions, he likes to fly small airplanes, and hiking in the woods.

Russell Poovey

Russell has been working in IT for well over a decade with a strong focus on cloud configuration, Linux, networking and an added love for working with on-premises server infrastructure. He spends a lot of his free time with his dog (as any good human should) and traveling with his girlfriend to find tasty food and cocktails. He loves good scotch, playing video games, and teaching himself software development.

Marc Rolfes

Marc is an accomplished Windows admin who also has excellent customer service skills. His years of experience allow him to offer prescient insights to customers infrastructure and complex messaging technologies. As a Senior Technologist, Marc provides a critical high touch, white glove service as he able to tackle projects and issues, large and small. Marc is an Engagement Manager at iuvo with a focus of ensuring our customers receive the highest level of service.

When he is not solving the worlds computer problems he spends time with family, and working hard to maintain a healthy work life balance.

Brian St. Marie

Brian is a Principal Consultant and vCIO with iuvo. A technology leader with over 20 years of experience, Brian excels at helping organizations succeed with IT by designing optimal solutions that fit their vertical and budget. Brian studied molecular biology at UCSD and earned a master's degree in Information Technology at Harvard. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) charter member in Cloud Platform and Infrastructure. His areas of focus include team leadership, solutions architecture, automation, compliance, and security. Outside work, Brian loves adventuring with his family, whether traveling, backpacking, rock climbing, or exploring VR at home.

Chris Tobin

Chris is a key member of our IT Consulting team with a mission to ensure that we efficiently and automatically deliver services to our customers. His skills in VMWare, Cloud Services, Windows infrastructure Technologies and Power shell help turn regular processes into automated, repeatable (and thus more reliable) technology solutions for our customers.  

Chris once won the World Series of Poker using UNO cards and Bigfoot tries to get a picture of him.