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iuvo provides the cloud computing services Boston businesses rely on. We’ll help you harness the full power of the cloud. Your business needs flexible, reliable, cost-efficient and secure IT solutions that fit your unique functional requirements. The cloud offers businesses of all sizes access to best-of-breed technologies to manage mission-critical infrastructure and workflows.

iuvo is one of the leading cloud computing service providers in the Boston area. We help businesses like yours to leverage cloud technology to develop a scalable competitive advantage.


Empower Your Business With New Infrastructure

Is your business new and setting up its infrastructure for the first time? Are you planning an upgrade and replacement of your current systems? If you are trying to build IT infrastructure for your business, iuvo and the cloud can help.

The cloud offers timely and cost-effective access to high-quality IT resources. Gone are the days of new businesses investing significant capital just to get their information systems started. With our cloud computing services, you can rapidly set up the infrastructure, platforms and applications you need to operate. Better yet, you can pay-as-you-go for only the resources you are using. 


Add Scalability, Redundancy and Flexibility to Your In-House Assets

Do you want to scale up your existing information systems or add new platforms and apps but don't have the resources? iuvo can help you solve these issues with a cloud-based extension of your existing systems.

The cloud is the ultimate way to add scalability, redundancy and flexibility to your current systems. With on-demand resources and remote data storage, you can be confident that your expanded IT systems will add significant value to your organization.


Powerful Infrastructure for a Virtual Tomorrow

More and more organizations are empowering their people with remote-working opportunities. You can take advantage of this trend for your business using iuvo's cloud computing services. Our expert team members will set your staff up to be able to work from anywhere without compromising data availability or security.

Expert Cloud Computing Solutions You Can Rely On

You can count on our experts to provide top-tier services based on our in-depth understanding of both cloud solutions and your unique requirements.

We know you have a choice in cloud computing services. Our technical services are backed by our commitment to customer service. Each of our seasoned team members is here to listen to and collaborate with your team. We work tenaciously to ensure that you get exactly the right resources for your needs and budget.

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Why It Matters

  • 90% of companies are on the cloud
  • In just a few years, cloud spending will be 14% of IT revenue around the world.
  • According to Accenture, 79% of businesses believe that if a company does not embrace the cloud, it will drop in competitiveness in the market
  • One major benefit of cloud adoption is scalability, allowing businesses to grow efficiently
  • AWS has the largest cloud computing market share in at 32%
  • The market reached over $250 billion in 2021 and is projected to grow to just under $800 billion by 2028 
  • Cloud computing will grow nearly 18% each year 
  • The U.S. Government adopted the cloud in 2019 and spent roughly $5 billion
  • The total average growth of AWS, Azure, and Google is 45%
  • 80% of companies report operation improvements within the first few months of adopting cloud technology
  • Cloud helps improve scaling, workloads, automated security and flexibility for any operation
  • Another 91% said government compliance requirements became much easier. 
  • Businesses can have a modular element to their operations, making it much more flexible
  • 87% of enterprises have a hybrid cloud strategy
  • Hybrid cloud helped reduce time to market by 15%
  • Nearly 70% of enterprises moved to the hybrid cloud model due to the security risk of public cloud
  • Close to 50% of all users on private cloud models are moving to hybrid cloud due to budget
  • Cloud spending increased by almost 50% in 2020
  • Projections show that cloud spending will be close to $400 billion by 2022
  • In many industries, there was a near 40% increase in cloud spend in 2020's first quarter

Why iuvo For Cloud Computing Services?

iuvo’s seasoned IT experts have dedicated years to learning the ins and outs of all things cloud. Whether you are migrating applications over to the cloud, or starting fresh, we’re versed in the industry knowledge needed to make sure your cloud solution is architecture properly to meet your business needs.  Our knowledge is expansive, and we make sure to align our cloud service recommendations with your business goals while keeping future expansion in mind.
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