The Cloud Is the Future of Business. Adapt & Use All the Advantages Cloud Computing Offers.

Cloud computing has changed the way that businesses and IT solutions operate, and new technologies continue to evolve. Amazon Web Services is the largest provider of cloud services with around a one-third market share, according to Synergy Group Research. If you aren’t taking advantage of AWS or another cloud solution, you may be missing out on significant business advantages.

iuvo Technologies is a leading AWS consulting and cloud services provider in the Boston area. We can help you harness the full potential of this technology. Better yet, we can help you stay on top of the cutting-edge features of the cloud and other technologies as they continue to evolve. 

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Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services provides a comprehensive set of cloud solutions including computing, storage, content distribution and more. It is the backbone of numerous popular software solutions and is used by businesses, governments and individuals around the world.

However, AWS can also be overwhelming. There are many services and extensive configurability. If you want to take full advantage of Amazon’s cloud, you will need the help of experts who can pair the right solutions to your needs.


The Power of the Cloud

AWS offers cloud computing on a pay-as-you-go basis. It offers users a more cost-effective computing option, especially for organizations that are scaling rapidly or that have low to moderate requirements levels.

Additionally, the cloud can greatly improve flexibility, mobility, and visibility. It is the superior option for disaster recovery and security. Therefore, almost all organizations should include at least some cloud-hybrid infrastructure to serve as a backup in the event of downtime of on-premises resources.

AWS Cloud Services for Your Future

iuvo Technologies can offer you a comprehensive set of AWS services. These are some of the ways that we can help your organization:

  • System Architecture: We can help you plan and implement a cloud-based architecture for your systems. We have experience with both fully cloud-based and hybrid models.
  • Full or Hybrid Migrations: If you have existing systems that you want to move to the cloud, we can help with that. Again, iuvo Technologies has performed both complete and hybrid migrations.
  • Review of Previous Migrations: It is often a company knows they need to be using the cloud and so they put everything they have in the cloud without a strategy for efficiencies and long-term growth. We are the experts in reviewing what your previous migration put in the cloud and identifying cost savings and efficiencies. We have performed this service for several clients with great success.
  • Cloud Security: The cloud offers numerous security tools. iuvo Technologies can help you harness these tools and ensure that they are compliant with best practices and regulations.
  • Cloud-Based Cost Optimization: When used right, the cloud can offer significant IT savings.

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