Unified Communication & Collaboration Services With Microsoft

Communication and Collaboration Are the Heart of Businesses Everywhere

Businesses rely on Microsoft communication and collaboration tools to operate. iuvo Technologies' unified communications managed services will help you take advantage of high-impact technologies.

In the digital age, your business needs the right communication and collaboration technology to supports its operations. With the right tools, your people can be more productive than ever. Microsoft offers numerous benefits through its Office 365 collaboration services. With the help of our IT experts, you can harness all the advantages of these great technologies.


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Microsoft Office 365 Collaboration Services

Microsoft 365 is a unified communications platform that provides a complete set of productivity and collaboration tools. That translates directly to increased productivity, faster decision making and improved remote work options. Using Microsoft-based unified communications, our consultants will help you to streamline workflow, increase automation and implement intelligent security.

The collaborative potential of Office 365 is enormous. However, many businesses only realize a fraction of the benefits of Microsoft collaboration services because of poor product understanding or implementation. Our team is thoroughly versed in Office 365, the Microsoft Cloud and more. We will help you bring true unified communication and collaboration to your team and reduce the redundancies we often see from various tools aimed at proving the same unified communications solutions Microsoft can bring on its own.

Flexible and Secure Unified Communications and Collaboration Solutions

With the power of the Microsoft Cloud, your data can be available to your team anytime and anywhere. Empower your people with remote-work opportunities and plan for continuity after business disruptions, allowing your company to seamlessly mobilize.

Plus, keep your data safe with next-level intelligent security from Microsoft. iuvo Technologies will implement user authentication and automated policy-based rules to protect your critical systems.


Our approach to communication tools and infrastructure is grounded in our understanding of your unique needs. We lead the pack among unified communications companies in creating high-impact, tailored solutions.


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Why iuvo?

iuvo partners with your organization to understand your unique business needs and constructs a complete IT services package that enables you to take advantage of the best messaging, communication and collaboration services available. Our consultants make sure your workforce is aligned and that your business is set up to maximize your productivity.

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