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Azure DevOps Services To Assist Your Business

DevOps, a framework of principles and philosophies that guide the integration of development processes with IT operations, is growing increasingly popular as it provides a valuable competitive advantage to teams that use it. Simultaneously, many businesses are harnessing the power and potential of cloud-based IT solutions. With iuvo Technologies’ Azure DevOps service solutions, you can combine the streamlining of DevOps with the technical potency of the cloud.


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The Azure Cloud and DevOps

Microsoft Azure is the second-largest provider of cloud computing services. It can be used to host and run infrastructure, platforms and software for both your team’s internal needs and your customers’ use. With Azure, you can harness the flexibility, data availability and rapid deployment advantages of the cloud.

These benefits dovetail perfectly with DevOps. Azure helps you to build, test, release and monitor software more easily, the heart of DevOps.


These are some advantages of building your DevOps capabilities in the Azure Cloud:

  • Development Acceleration: With the right solutions from iuvo Technologies, you can significantly accelerate your release schedule. That means better software in the hands of your customers faster.
  • Scalable Capacity: Azure helps you to easily scale your DevOps systems. As your business grows, your backend can too.
  • Highly Available Automation: Cloud-based automation means that it is always available, even if you have a geographically distributed team.
  • Coordinated Releases: Using automation solutions in the cloud, you can coordinate reliable releases and ensure your customers’ satisfaction.

Streamline DevOps Success With Azure

Achieving DevOps success involves improving communication, automation, infrastructure and technology selection. iuvo Technologies can help you to streamline all of these areas using Azure.

Your cloud instances can be used to host tools ranging from intranets to unified communication to source control. Additionally, Azure can be used to build out your infrastructure. With a flexible and scalable IT infrastructure, you can ensure that all your application, load balancing and web server needs are covered.

Plus, Azure cloud services can play a central role in process automation. This can include automatic software testing, continuous integration/continuous delivery, IT automation and more. We can help you establish Azure DevOps service desk integration to enable your team to more easily respond to feedback and bug reports.

iuvo Technologies Azure DevOps Service Catalog

The iuvo Technologies team provides comprehensive solutions for both Microsoft Azure and DevOps. We offer DevOps engineering services and can integrate a Microsoft Azure infrastructure into your streamlined development processes and practices. Plus, we can offer an Azure DevOps migration service if you have existing DevOps solutions that you want to move to the cloud.

Our team of experienced professionals are as versed in the human side of IT as they are in the technology. We will work closely with your team to fully understand your unique requirements and design a combination of solutions that will best help you achieve your strategic goals. We are here to help you achieve Azure DevOps success.

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