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Infrastructure stability is essential for building a thriving business. If you can’t rely on your information systems, you may find yourself in trouble when disaster strikes. iuvo Technologies can help with our IT disaster recovery consulting and business continuity services. We will ensure that your business can keep operating productively even when the unexpected occurs.


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IT Disaster Recovery Consulting Services

Disaster recovery is a group of practices focused on helping businesses recover their resources after a disaster or other interruption. You count on your IT systems to enable collaboration, productivity and data access. Your business can’t afford to be waiting endlessly for systems to come back online. So, our team will help you create and implement an IT disaster recovery plan to ensure that never happens.


Why It’s Important

Modern businesses rely on their digital resources for everything from bookkeeping to sales. Chances are that there are numerous interconnected systems that help you run your business every day. Disaster recovery is important because you can’t be without some of these systems for long. The goal of these practices is to do the following:

  • Reduce system downtime
  • Limit the risk of data loss
  • Reduce the financial, operational and legal damage of a disaster


Mission-Critical IT Resource Protection

To achieve an effective disaster response, steps need to be taken before the issue occurs. Most importantly, you need a plan to protect your select group of mission-critical IT resources. These are the systems that your business can’t operate without. For example, this may be your customer database and your financial records. iuvo Technologies will pay special attention to these mission-critical resources and center all plans around maintaining access to these systems.

Business Continuity Services

Business continuity dovetails with disaster IT recovery. It is focused on helping your business keep running following some sort of interruption. This can be a natural disaster, a power failure, a public health crisis or many other obstacles to success. Creating a business continuity plan means that your team will know what to do when normal operations can no longer continue.


Optimizing RPO and RTO

There are two key concepts that need to be considered in business continuity and IT disaster recovery consulting: RPO and RTO.

  • Recovery Point Objective: RPO is the maximum acceptable time between the data backup and the interruption. For some businesses, week-old data is good enough. For others, they need an RPO measured in minutes or less.
  • Recovery Time Objective: RTO is the amount of time needed to bring systems back online. Some businesses can go a few days with their computers down. Others need backups available immediately.

Every organization has different needs for RPO and RTO. The iuvo Technologies team will help you balance your ideal recovery performance with your budget.


Why iuvo Technologies?

Contact iuvo Technologies today to learn more about our business continuity and IT disaster recovery consulting services. We are here to help your business stay on track, no matter what.

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