Putting the Ops in DevOps


Communication is a strength here at iuvo Technologies, period! We work with developers to understand requirements and help create the infrastructure, tools and methodologies to allow them to safely and quickly build, test and deploy new features of their software. During the course of the DevOps cycle, developers, QA and operations all need to communicate to deliver a successful product.

Process and Automation

DevOps is essentially a collaboration between development, operations and testing (QA). As a processed focused company, there is a strong history in development and working in DevOps for customers every day. We understand the process and know how to automate it so that our customers can focus on new and innovative features and trust in the process to take care of regular operations.


If you are building an application or service that needs to start simply by providing a proof of concept (POC), but still need to prepare for success by building an infrastructure that scales; iuvo Technologies can help. Firewalls, load balancers, application servers, web servers, database servers can all be architected in a way that allows for growth without a major change in fundamental configuration. Keeping the service and data resilient and secure is key to establishing a positive impression with your customers.

Today, building for scale often incorporates cloud or hybrid cloud architecture. Designing a service to work economically in the cloud is different than on locally owned hardware. Making those design decisions has both technical and economic impact on how your company operates. iuvo Technologies understands and can help you navigate this design paradigm.


iuvo Technologies will help you navigate leading platforms such as Bare metal, VMWare, Docker Containers, AWS or Azure servers, all while ensuring your specifications are carefully pre-defined, and your operating system is available and secure. We’ll also help customize your environment in an automated fashion, for scalability and ensure there is no interruption to service. Regardless of your challenge, iuvo will help you establish the right DevOps environment for your business while containing costs and driving profitability.

Take your business to the next level


The term DevOps was coined in 2009 as part of the infrastructure used to support the Agile methodology in programming. DevOps (Development and Operations) is simply a software development phrase used to mean a type of agile relationship between Development and IT Operations.

The goal of DevOps is to change and improve the relationship by advocating better communication and collaboration between the two business units.

There are significant benefits reported for those companies who practice DevOps, including shorter time to market, improved customer satisfaction, improved productivity and the ability to build the right product by allowing faster testing and deployment of new features.