What is DEVSECOPS: Definition, Goals & Implementation

Software businesses are increasingly implementing the DevOps methodology to try to improve their releases. However, this approach is missing one important element: security. DevSecOps seeks to resolve this gap by integrating security alongside software development and IT operations. 

iuvo Technologies is a Boston-area IT consulting and managed services provider. We have worked with many organizations to help them establish better DevOps and security practices. With our DevSecOps solutions, we can help your business understand what DevSecOps is, how it can empower your business and how to implement best practices in your team.


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What is DevSecOps?

DevOps is a philosophy and methodology that marries software development with IT operations to achieve better results from both. DevSecOps is an extension of this concept that also adds security to the mix. For many businesses, security is just as important (if not moreso)  to long-term success as software development, testing and releases. DevSecOps is a way to ensure security is rigorously implemented and thoroughly integrated with both development and ops.

Like the DevOps cycle, DevSecOps is implemented continuously and simultaneously with each part of the loop influencing the stages both before and after it. Security is a component of every software release from planning to testing to deployment to monitoring. This integration of both the security mindset and specific security techniques ensures better, more secure and more future-proof releases. DevSecOps ensures that security measures are reliably deployed and seeks to treat security and a primary aspect of a design rather than an afterthought that may not fit well into the architecture of a software product. 

To successfully implement DevSecOps, teams need a strong foundation of IT security. Cybersecurity concerns significantly impact both software development and production operations. 

Traditionally, security has been an added feature focused on “checking the box” at the end of a release’s development cycle. DevSecOps requires that it be a consideration from the very beginning of each release. Thus, integration and the IT security mindset are central to the DevSecOps definition.


How Do DevSecOps Best Practices Achieve These Goals?

Understanding the concept of DevSecOps is relatively easy. Actually implementing it in an organization can be more challenging, especially if it is your first time delving into this concept. The following best practices can help:

This mantra is one of the driving forces of DevSecOps. The idea is to shift security thinking from the “right side” (end) of the process to the “left side” (beginning). Thus, security architects and engineers should be involved in planning software releases from the start.

Cybersecurity education and training should be provided to all members of the DevSecOps continuum, not just the security specialists. This helps to increase security-oriented thinking throughout the organization.
As with DevOps, automation is a key element of DevSecOps. This can include automated security controls and tests that can be applied throughout the process. The result of this is faster and more secure releases.
Communication between team members in the DevSecOps loop is essential. Development, operations and security should all be consistently talking and communicating their needs to each other. More communication means fewer misunderstandings and better results.

Threat modeling is a best practice for security to identify potential vulnerabilities. This should be carried out in DevSecOps to help elevate the security consciousness of the entire team.


Benefits of DevSecOps vs. DevOps

There is a strong trend in the software world towards the adoption, implementation and maturation of DevOps principles and practices. However, the most forward-thinking organizations are taking a DevSecOps approach instead. These are some of the reasons why you should be integrating security with your development and IT operations functions:

By integrating security into every stage of the DevSecOps cycle, teams can catch and address security issues sooner. Only addressing security concerns just before a release is deployed in production leads to unnecessary disruption and inefficiency.
There are more eyes looking at security concerns throughout the release process. Thus, it is easier to catch security issues within a reasonable timeframe. No longer is security only the domain of a specialized team.
Similarly, DevSecOps helps to spread proficiency in software development, security and operations to all three teams. Therefore, developers can write code with security in mind and operations can prepare environments that are designed to be secure.
Addressing security concerns after they have already become problems is expensive. Downtime can cost tens or hundreds of thousands per hour. Plus, security breaches can have major liability concerns. Thus, a more proactive approach can help save time, money and stress in the long term.

iuvo’s Role in Implementing DevSecOps

iuvo Technologies has been helping businesses meet and overcome their IT challenges since 2007. We provide white-glove consultation and managed services for a variety of IT needs. This includes implementing DevSecOps at the organizations we work with.


Our team can help you to master the security and operations aspects of DevSecOps, so your team can focus on development. Many of our consultants have 22 years of experience or more in IT. We have been helping to implement DevOps principles since the philosophy first started catching on. So, not only do we understand the full philosophy of DevSecOps, but we also know how to tailor the concept to the needs of different organizations.

With the help of iuvo Technologies, your New England-based software business could harness all the advantages of DevSecOps. Let us empower your growth.

Work With iuvo Technologies To Empower Your DevSecOps Success

At iuvo Technologies, we know that good IT solutions are about more than just knowing the technology. It is also important to understand people. Each of our consultants excels at both implementing technology and understanding the strategic needs of our clients. This helps us to offer better DevSecOps solutions because we can tailor our recommendations and services to your unique needs.

With the power of DevSecOps, you could cut costs, improve results and increase efficiency at your software business. Contact iuvo Technologies today to learn how we fuel the success of Boston-area and Southern New Hampshire businesses.


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Why iuvo Technologies?

iuvo Technologies’ understands the unique requirements of software development, and the collaboration it requires between different teams at an organization. It shows in the work we do for clients and the value we add to their businesses. With our expansive knowledge and unique approach to IT, we can help you implement DevOps and achieve faster development, quicker time-to-market, proactive monitoring, and more.

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