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The EDA (Electronic Design Automation) Software Stack is critical to take you from IDEA to REAL PRODUCT. Elevate your EDA tools investment today with chip design infrastructure and EDA Services.

EDA Services Designed to Empower Your Business Through Technology

Design a scalable storage model

Centrally designed data and tools, provide an easily managed environment to make a consistent product and scale performance by distributing simulation results.

Maximize ROI of licensing costs

Gain visibility into network-based licensing to minimize costs, streamline usage and achieve dramatic increases to productivity.

Design an efficient computing infrastructure

Design the computing infrastructure with the right balance of computing power and capacity to maximize chip design work, simulation and verification.

Optimize designer experience

Optimize the environment that allows designers to focus on design and not infrastructure.

“iuvo Technologies provided a level of expertise that was difficult to achieve given our staffing constraints. We would highly recommend iuvo Technologies to any business looking to work with a solid technological consulting firm, with IT experts who are honest, communicate clearly, are available and will challenge you to be better.”

Steven Cote

IT Manager, Acacia Communications