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iuvo Technologies provides managed IT services, IT project implementation and recurring operational support. We are IT security and technology experts and believe that people should be secure and productive both at work and at home.  While not all products and services that keep businesses and enterprises secure are available for home users, the resources on this page are a good starting point for any home user. We encourage you to follow our blog series on security where the products and concepts will be described in more detail.

Antivirus Products

Every computer on your network should have an Antivirus product installed. Some products comprehensively protect your files as well as web browsing habits and others provide centralized views for all the computers in your home or organization. Below is a starting point of antivirus products to choose from, it is not meant to be comprehensive, but should be useful to the home user.

Trend Micro  https://www.trendmicro.com/us/index.html
WebRoot  https://www.webroot.com/us/en/
McAfee  https://www.mcafee.com/us/index.html
Symantec  https://www.symantec.com/
Sophos  https://www.sophos.com/en-us.aspx
AVG  https://www.avg.com/us-en/homepage
Eset  https://www.eset.com/us/
Avira  https://www.avira.com/
Viper  https://www.vipreantivirus.com/
Panda  https://www.pandasecurity.com/usa/
Bit Defender  https://www.bitdefender.com/
Personal VPN Products

What do you do when you like or need to work in a location where the network may not be secure. Using WiFI at a public hot spot, coffee shop or an international location can be risky.  A personal Virtual Private Network (VPN) product provides an encrypted tunnel from your laptop to a VPN provider, so your traffic is encrypted and safe and that provider then directs you to your internet destination.  Here is a sample of personal VPN products that you can consider to increase the security of using the Internet in public locations.

Total VPN  https://www.totalvpn.com/
NordVPN  https://nordvpn.com/
Keep Solid  https://www.keepsolid.com/
Spotflux  https://spotflux.com/
TorGuard  https://torguard.net/
Golden Frog  https://www.goldenfrog.com/
Hostpot Shield  https://www.hotspotshield.com/

Password Management Programs

Having a good password is critical to keeping your computer and your online accounts secure. Each online service should have a different password to ensure that the the compromise of one service does not affect the others.  Managing those passwords can be tricky and the storage of those passwords should be protected by using an encrypted password manager.  It is recommended that whenever possible you use multi-factor authentication to thwart cyber criminals.  Below is a list of password management and multi-factor authentication options to consider to keep you safe.

Password Safe  https://pwsafe.org/
One Password https://agilebits.com/onepassword/
Last Pass https://www.lastpass.com/
Google 2 Factor  https://www.google.com/landing/2step/

The Human Firewall

The purpose of this page is to turn you into a Human Firewall.  In essence this means to educate you in order to allow you use your brain to use the Internet safely, avoid scams and keep your computers and home network safe.   We implement cutting edge security tools and services, but more importantly we educate and train businesses to safely conduct business in an insecure world. Those same concepts apply to home users. Understand that technologies listed below are critical to reducing your chances of compromise, but ultimately the best protection for you and your family is “you and your family”. People and awareness are the key.  Below are links to educational blogs and information that can be useful to turn yourself into a human firewall.

iuvo Security Blogs

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AntiMalware Products

While some antivirus provide malware protection, in many cases they do not detect them and if you malware does get on your computer, you will need a good way to get them off of your computer. The below products are available to scan your computer for malware and assist with removing malware from your system.  Many of these programs may have a free version of the program.

Malware Bytes  https://www.malwarebytes.com/
Spybot   https://download.cnet.com/Spybot-Search-Destroy/
Ad Aware  https://www.lavasoft.com/
HitMan Pro  https://www.surfright.nl/en/products/
Microsoft Malicious


Removal Tool


Personal Backup Programs

If your computer crashes or your files are encrypted by one of the newest strains of Crypto Viruses, the only way to recover is from a backup of those files.  While some people copy their files to an external device on a periodic basis, the best way to protect yourself is to  backup regularly.   Below are a sampling of programs you may want to consider to back up your home computers.

Mozy  https://mozy.com/#slide-10
Carbonite  https://www.carbonite.com/
SpiderOak  https://spideroak.com/
Acronis  http://www.acronis.com/en-us/
SugarSync  https://www.sugarsync.com/
Windows System Image  https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/17127/windows-back-up-restore

Secure DNS

What happens when you type www.facebook.com in your web browser?  One of the first thing your computer has to do is use the Domain Name Service (DNS) to translate that to an IP address for your computer to use.  The same thing happens when you inadvertently click on an unsafe link that downloads a virus or perhaps an inappropriate site.  It is possible to configure your home broadband router (or your computer ) to use a safe DNS server that will not give you addresses for known malicious sites. This concept is very valuable for home networks as well as businesses. Below are DNS services that can be considered. Some of these services are free for home users.

Open DNS https://www.opendns.com/home-internet-security/
SafeDNS https://www.safedns.com/en/order-safedns-online/
Comodo DNS https://www.comodo.com/secure-dns/
DNY Internet Guide https://dyn.com/labs/dyn-internet-guide/
GreenTeam Internet http://members.greentm.co.uk/
Norton ConnectSafe https://dns.norton.com/

Social Media Safety

Social Media is everywhere.  Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and dozens more that allow you to share what you ate for breakfast and to see what others are doing.  People inadvertently give cyber criminals all the information they need to social engineer their way into your private information.   Below are some examples of how Social Media can be very dangerous and some ideas of how to protect yourself.

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