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iuvo Guardian is a state-of-the-art infrastructure as code configuration management tool that is specifically designed for managing and maintaining your Microsoft 365 environment. With iuvo Guardian you get the benefit of leveraging iuvo's Microsoft experts to make sure that your business stays aligned with Microsoft's updates and best practices without the need for continuous manual oversight.

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If you hesitated on any of the questions above, you're not alone. In our experience, many businesses face these Microsoft 3656 challenges, often only realizing the gaps when they encounter a significant disruption or compliance issue aka – once it’s too late.

Key Features of iuvo®️ Guardian

☑️   Microsoft 365 Configuration Change Alerts

☑️   Detailed Visibility into Your IT Infrastructure

☑️   Streamlined Operations

☑️   Validate Against Industry Best Practices

☑️   Backed by our team of Microsoft experts 



Benefits of iuvo®️ Guardian

iuvo Guardian is a solution for businesses who want to leverage Microsoft's latest security measures, have visibility and documentation into their configuration, and who want to stay aligned with Microsoft's best practices without the manual lift that is typically required to do so effectively. The benefits of iuvo Guardian for your business include:

  • Microsoft 365 Settings Change Alerts: What this means is that iuvo Guardian will proactively monitor and alert you to any changes and updates made to your managed settings. This monitoring and alerting feature allows you to make sure your tenants are aligned with best practices and that changes aren’t happening that you don’t know about. 
  • Extensive Microsoft Expertise: Microsoft is constantly rolling out updates, making it nearly impossible for businesses to keep up without hiring a dedicated team of experts. iuvo Guardian eliminates the need for you to hire a Microsoft Expert or to have an in-house team to monitor and make these constant manual updates, significantly cutting down on your IT operational costs all while still allowing you to leverage the capabilities and security that Microsoft 365 offers. 

  • Optimal Posture Within the Microsoft Ecosystem: In an ideal world, every business that utilizes Microsoft would automatically get the true value of Microsoft 365. In reality, it is difficult for businesses to fully utilize all of the security and other features Microsoft offers because of the constant changes that Microsoft makes.
    Below we've listed out how iuvo Guardian solves this problem:
      1. iuvo Guardian will vet any and all features and changes rolled out by Microsoft.
      2. When changes or new features are detected, iuvo Guardian will submit recommendations to you based on your business goals and needs.
      3. Once the recommendations have been approved, iuvo Guardian will automatically deploy the changes so that your business can take full advantage of all that Microsoft has to offer.
  • Detailed Visibility: You can make informed decisions and have operational integrity with iuvo Guardian by gaining visibility into your IT infrastructure. This also allows you to easily produce evidence for compliance purposes or auditors by giving you clear visibility into settings and change history.  

  • Easier Compliance: Regulatory compliance and security within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem are complex to say the least, many businesses face challenges with maintaining and proving compliance because of the changing nature of cloud services. iuvo Guardian simplifies these complexities by automating documentation and reporting processes, allowing your business to easily produce evidence of compliance for audits without requiring an extensive manual lift.
Microsoft 365 Management

iuvo Guardian FAQs

To help guide your decision-making and clarify any questions you may have, we've compiled and answered the most frequently asked questions about iuvo Guardian below.

If you have further questions after reviewing the FAQs below, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'd be happy to answer any lingering questions you might have! 


iuvo Guardian focuses on managing and optimizing the security and configuration aspects of Microsoft 365 for your business without manual oversight. Simply put, it makes sure your Microsoft 365 setup is configured correctly and securely according to the latest best practices without manual effort from you or your employees. This could include things like adjusting the settings for compliance with data protection regulations, making sure that your security configurations are up to date, and optimizing your settings for better performance and security.

Microsoft Defender on the other hand is geared more towards direct threat protection and response within your Microsoft ecosystem. Microsoft Defender detects, investigates and responds to security threats like Malware, viruses and Spyware. 

iuvo Guardian can help you with new Microsoft 365 Features by alerting you when Microsoft releases new features or settings for Microsoft 365. iuvo Guardian helps make sure that you know about important new functionalities that can enhance your security posture.

Any business that is utilizing Microsoft 365 and looking to optimize their IT security and configuration management can benefit from iuvo Guardian. It is especially useful for businesses that want to stay ahead of security updates and manage their Microsoft 365 settings efficiently.

iuvo Guardian automates routine tasks like updates, monitoring, and compliance management and essentially expands your team by providing you with access to iuvo’s expertise.

By integrating iuvo Guardian, you effectively gain the equivalent of an additional dozen Microsoft experts! With this boost, your in-house team can focus on strategic, high-value projects that drive innovation and growth, enhancing your team's capabilities and operational efficiency for your business.

The short answer here is yes. 

By reducing your need for in-house experts and minimizing the need for manual oversight, iuvo Guardian significantly cuts your IT operational costs.

With little to no competition offering similar services currently on the market, iuvo Guardian stands out by enhancing cost efficiency and freeing up your IT staff to focus on strategic projects that drive your business growth. 

Thanks to proactive monitoring and automated updates, many clients notice improvements in security posture and compliance alignment almost immediately after implementation. Who doesn't like instant gratification?! 

iuvo Guardian is a GitOps product. Your specific configuration and tool are managed within Azure Devops. This means that all changes from the base deployment are tracked in detail and are versioned.

iuvo Guardian alerts you to any changes to the Microsoft 365 configuration and also provides you with monthly summaries of all changes.

iuvo Guardian is designed with integration in mind. It seamlessly integrates with your existing Microsoft 365 setup, making sure you have a smooth transition without any disruption to your current operations. Our team of experts will guide you through the entire process, providing support to make sure there is compatibility and ease of use. 

We're committed to tailoring our approach to fit your specific needs. If certain updates or features do not align with your company’s culture or operational preferences, we can easily adjust the implementation strategy accordingly.

While iuvo Guardian is designed to implement the latest security best practices, including multi-factor authentication (MFA), we understand that every business has unique needs and cultural considerations.



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