Every business needs digital capabilities to keep up with the competition, and migrating these capabilities to the cloud is ongoing. At the end of 2022, 48% of U.S. businesses used cloud storage for their most valuable data, and 94% of companies used some type of cloud services. 

Cloud-based solutions are increasingly common, and it’s difficult to know which to choose for your company. Business owners can find assistance through an experienced cloud solution provider like iuvo. 

Alarming Trends: Is Your Company At Risk? 

Businesses waste money every day paying for software licenses they don’t need, while not fully utilizing the software they do use: 

  • A recent study found that 50% of software licenses are unused, costing companies $45 million monthly for wasted software. 
  • 95% of project managers use at least two software applications to manage single projects. 
  • Multiple teams within a company often subscribe to different applications that fulfill the same purpose, such as video conferencing. This increases costs and decreases negotiating and buying power, since the number of seats your company has is split. 
  • Factors including employee reluctance to use technology, lacking the skills needed to effectively utilize data and failure to use licensed software to optimize business growth result in companies not leveraging the full capabilities of their tech stack. 

Many businesses don’t have oversight or tools in place to ensure that their IT stacks are optimized. To maximize your company’s investments, you should: 

  • Analyze every software application, checking for unnecessary and duplicate apps, functional utilization rates, the number of available seats vs. the number of actual users and the overall efficiency. 
  • Determine the best software to accomplish necessary tasks. 
  • Retire or consolidate redundant and duplicate applications and adjust the parameters of those you decide to keep or add. 
  • Provide sufficient employee training to get a better return on investment. 
  • Ensure that you comply with all licensing requirements, renewals and industry-specific regulations. 

These in-depth analyses take time, familiarity with the capabilities of each application and knowledge of how a well-designed stack works. Many in-house IT departments lack the necessary skills, tools and experience to perform successful research and create a comprehensive strategy going forward. 

Microsoft Licenses Explained 

Many enterprises rely on diverse Microsoft software solutions, with Microsoft 365 being a prominent choice among them. However, to tap into the full potential of these solutions, users require appropriate licenses. A license is essentially an agreement between the software creator and the user, outlining the terms of software use, including which features can be accessed and by how many users. These licenses come in various tiers, catering to the unique needs of businesses. 

Microsoft Licenses Explained

If you're navigating the complex world of cloud-based software for your organization, you might be grappling with questions such as: 

  • How do you determine the most suitable software for your needs? 
  • Will you be using all the components offered? 
  • Is there a need to purchase different components from multiple sources? 
  • Are there opportunities for cost savings? 
  • How can you efficiently manage various software, licenses, and subscriptions? 

A proficient cloud solution provider can guide you through these questions, assist in making informed decisions, and ensure smooth implementation, often leading to significant cost savings. 


Defining a Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP)

If the term 'cloud solutions provider' is new to you, you're not alone. Also known as cloud service providers, CSPs offer an array of technology services over the internet based on user demand. Collaborating with a CSP equips you with their expertise, robust cloud infrastructure, and a host of benefits like scalability, enhanced security, and continuous support.


Addressing Software Licensing Challenges

Confronted with software licensing hurdles? The solution lies in partnering with a credible cloud solutions provider. While some providers might push unnecessary products or lack genuine expertise, iuvo stands apart with its deep-seated knowledge, resources, and integrity. 

The iuvo Advantage: 

Tailored Solutions: Busy managing your business? iuvo understands software intricacies and works closely with you to identify and provide the right software solutions tailored to your needs, ensuring you invest only in what's necessary. 

Optimization: Ensure the highest return on your investments. iuvo precisely assesses and fine-tunes your Microsoft 365 licenses to enhance overall efficiency and productivity. 

Expertise and Compliance: The rapid evolution of cloud technology can be challenging. With iuvo, you have constant access to current expertise on the latest technologies. They also clarify software licensing terms, guaranteeing your business operates compliantly and maximizes technology benefits.

iuvo's Distinctive Edge

Navigating the intricacies of cloud solutions can be daunting. With iuvo, you're not just acquiring a service, but a partnership built on trust, expertise, and a commitment to your success. From direct collaborations with Microsoft to ensuring transparency in billing, here's how iuvo stands out:

Cloud Solutions Provider

As a Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Solutions provider, iuvo collaborates directly with Microsoft, ensuring top-tier service without middlemen.  

With an average experience of 23 years, our team provides insights, training, and dedicated support. 

Ensure you're utilizing your software licenses to the max and cut off unnecessary ones. 

Stay ahead of cyber threats with proactive security measures and system maintenance. 


Additional Offerings

Businesses require more than just standard solutions. They need a partner that evolves with them, anticipates challenges, and offers diversified services to meet every unique need. iuvo steps into this role seamlessly.

Our team aids in planning, execution, and management of IT projects, ensuring timely and efficient outcomes.

Vigilantly monitoring your systems from afar, we proactively identify potential issues, reducing downtime and maintaining consistent performance. 

Not just limited to Windows, iuvo has specialists well-versed with Linux and Mac platforms, ensuring comprehensive coverage and streamlined IT operations. 

We aren't just a standalone entity. iuvo collaborates with industry leaders, tapping into a network of expertise to bring you cutting-edge solutions and integrations tailored to your operations. 

Discover the iuvo Difference Today

Choosing the right cloud solutions provider is pivotal. With iuvo, not only do you optimize your software licensing but you also set your business up for seamless cloud transitions. Interested? Reach out at 781-722-3200 or through our online contact form

Why iuvo?

iuvo’s seasoned IT experts have dedicated years to learning the ins and outs of all things cloud. Whether you are migrating applications over to the cloud, or starting fresh, we’re versed in the industry knowledge needed to make sure your cloud solution is architecture properly to meet your business needs.  Our knowledge is expansive, and we make sure to align our cloud service recommendations with your business goals while keeping future expansion in mind.
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