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Why Startups Need Cloud Tech Services

The cloud helps startup businesses become more successful than ever. It has made best-in-class technology available to businesses of all sizes at affordable prices. However, poor implementation of a cloud-based IT stack can also be a major pitfall for a new business. To get the most from the cloud, you need a great IT partner.

Learn about using Azure, Google Cloud and AWS for startups, why startups fail and how the right services can help them thrive. Your success is iuvo Technologies’ priority.


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The Challenges Regarding Cloud Tech: Why Startups Fail

You may be surprised to learn how many startups fail. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, around 50% of businesses fail within five years. As more time passes, the rate of startup failure approaches a full 90%. Within the first year of operation, one in ten businesses will close their doors.

So, why do startups fail? There are many reasons for this, and the issue is often lack of capital. However, many businesses also struggle because they make poor choices with the capital they have. They fail to invest in the technology they need to be able to make good, data-supported decisions. IT may not be an immediately obvious priority for a lot of startups, but it can help to improve efficiency and effectiveness throughout the entire organization.

The Challenges Regarding Cloud Tech: Why Startups Fail

Furthermore, many startup businesses make unwise investments in their infrastructure because they simply don’t have the expertise to select the right solutions. This can lead to unnecessarily high costs, poor cybersecurity, and low productivity.


Do Startups Really Need Managed Cloud Tech?

About two-thirds of small businesses outsource services to other small businesses. For a lot of startups, small businesses and other organizations, outsourcing is a useful way to ensure that key business functions are done right without having to make investments to build in-house capabilities. For startup support services, outsourcing means being able to focus on your core competencies while still knowing that your IT systems are in expert hands.

Furthermore, working with an IT managed services provider means that you can unlock new potential for your startup. Growing a business requires scalability. With the right MSP, your business can keep growing vertically while your cloud infrastructure and support services scale with you.

An outsourced IT provider may even be able to help you fine-tune your business plans by highlighting cracks in your technology strategy. Using AWS, Azure or Google Cloud for startups can be a good way to accelerate your business processes and become more productive if your infrastructure is set up and managed correctly.

You may be surprised to learn that startups are more likely to be targeted by cyberattacks. If seeing what percentage of startups fail makes you nervous, you will want to lay intelligent plans to avoid common mistakes. One of the most serious errors you can make is leaving your IT systems vulnerable to attack.

Another benefit of partnering with dedicated IT consulting and managed service providers(MSP) is that they can help your business save money in the long run. By improving efficiency and avoiding unnecessary technology costs, the right IT service provider can streamline your business. Plus, outsourcing IT needs means that core employees can focus only on their main responsibilities. With the ever-increasing complexity of cloud-based IT infrastructure, getting it done right the first time can be a huge boon for your business.

Best Cloud Providers for Startups

There are many cloud services for startups, and it can be challenging to find the right provider. Most startup leaders do not know much about the pros and cons of AWS vs Azure vs Google for startups. Plus, figuring out the right provider for your needs can be costly and time-consuming. Instead, it is typically better to work with an experienced IT services provider to provide guidance and implement your technology strategy.

For most use cases, the three major cloud providers are close to having feature parity, although AWS is a little more comprehensive than Azure or Google Cloud.  The question often comes down to your specific needs.  and it can be challenging to navigate cost estimation. 


Are the AWS or Azure startup credits better? Should you use Google Cloud for startups? iuvo Technologies can help you not only determine which provider (or providers) is right for you today but also which solution(s) will be right in the future.

Google Cloud vs. AWS vs Azure for startups

While you can be well-served by any of these three providers, there are some key differences between them. These are some of the things you need to know:


Amazon’s solution has a lot of great features that make it easy to quickly build out the IT stack you need. It is generally considered to be the easiest to get started with. It is also the largest public cloud in the world, helping to ensure continued investments and improvement. So, is AWS good for startups? In short, yes, it can be a great choice, especially if you need simplicity over cost-efficiency.

Microsoft’s public cloud also has plenty of great features. A lot of business leaders choose Azure for startups because it tends to be more cost-efficient than AWS. However, this is not true across the board. Every business should do a cost analysis for its specific use case. It is also more compatible with open-source tools than its competitors.
The search giant’s solution stands out thanks to its ability to easily upscale and downscale with your business. AWS and Azure scale less easily, especially if you need to downscale. This can make Google Cloud Platform for startups the perfect option if your business’s needs change rapidly. Furthermore, Google Cloud’s support team tends to be exceptionally helpful.

All three options have a lot to offer. In fact, many large organizations use multiple cloud solutions at once. Despite being only the second-largest provider, Microsoft Azure is a vendor for 95% of all Fortune 500 companies. With the right help, your business can have the best possible cloud solutions.

Why iuvo Technologies is Perfect for Startups

iuvo Technologies is an ideal match for startup businesses. Our track record speaks for itself: businesses that work with us are less likely to fail. The venture-capital-backed startups that have used iuvo Technologies’ services have consistently beaten the average successful exit rates by a large margin.

We focus on finding solutions that can scale easily with our clients’ needs. Startup businesses tend to have exceptional growth potential. So, they need solutions that are ready to scale up at a moment’s notice. We can help you take advantage of options such as AWS Active for startups and the Google Cloud Platform startup program to optimize your costs and productivity as you grow.


Our team has experience with all three major cloud providers as well as some smaller ones. We can implement an IT infrastructure using your preferred solution then continue to manage it. Our experience with both cloud-based and on-premises IT stacks helps us keep your business safe from cyber threats.

The iuvo Technologies team offers on-site and remote support available whenever you need us. Plus, all our team members are experienced and capable of handling level-three issues. You don’t have to start with a level-one tech and wait for escalation. Our team members’ 22+ years of experience will always be in your corner.


Learn More About How iuvo Technologies Can Empower Your Startup Success

iuvo Technologies is a leading managed services provider for startup businesses in the Greater Boston and Southern New Hampshire area. Many business leaders wonder how to invest in startup companies to ensure their success. Our answer is that they should build a strong technology foundation with the right partner.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can empower your startup’s success. Our comprehensive suite of IT services will accelerate your growth. We also provide FREE IT assessments.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

AWS, Azure and Google Cloud can all offer more than enough cloud computing power. At iuvo Technologies, we often recommend AWS for startups due to its broad selection of solutions.

Cloud computing can be used by startups for infrastructure, platforms and services. This may include hosting websites and applications, storing data, enabling communication and much more.

Cloud computing has helped to make the best solutions available to small businesses without the upfront investment for on-premises equipment. Businesses can use the cloud for many uses.

The IT helpdesk is an essential aspect of IT support for startups. When something goes wrong or a user needs help, you need fast and reliable support to help your team return to productivity.

Part of its popularity comes from the low AWS costs for startups in the first year. Amazon offers a variety of (temporarily) free solutions. Plus, AWS has a lot of tools for businesses of all sizes.

Startup IT services typically include planning and building infrastructure, selecting hardware, implementing platforms for communication and collaboration, establishing backups and providing technical support.


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