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iuvo is your final destination for networking, business intelligence, HR software, and fully formed business process automation. How are we different? Nearly all of our growth has come from client referrals. We offer seamless onboarding and flexible allocation of workplace resources, with a specialized, expert team boasting an average of 22-years of experience that’s dedicated to your success. We are proud to have our roots in startup organizations, and we support you with continuous full-coverage services. Learn more about the benefits of our Bamboo HR software, marketing consulting solutions, business intelligence, and business process automation tools to maximize your efficiency and decision-making.


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HR Business Services

One of our signature solutions is using Bamboo HR software for comprehensive and user-friendly management of employee records, including analytics, compensation, corporate culture, approvals, application tracking, onboarding, off-boarding, PTO, and payroll. Bamboo is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, and especially startups that need streamlining quickly.

What is Bamboo HR Software?

Bamboo is an innovative, user-friendly software that helps you create a winning work environment. Not only does Bamboo collect and organize your employee records efficiently into one database, but it also has powerful analytics and data that become the bedrock for your decision-making and take the guesswork out of piloting new initiatives.

Keeping everything organized in one place is an elemental function of human resources management, but an even bigger part of the job is keeping that information secure. A data breach is an HR executive's worst nightmare. That's why at iuvo we use Bamboo to ensure that the data is not just collected in one place, but well-protected by removing the number of data points that sensitive information might exist and keeping it in one place.

Without analytics software, HR professionals spend as much as 17 hours per week producing reports. By creating beautiful, accurate reports in a matter of seconds, you can get back to what really matters. Use the data generated from analytics to support decisions that you make and to predict future outcomes.  The generated reports automatically save in your home dashboard, allowing you to be proactive rather than reactive. With Bamboo, you have more time to do the real work, rather than waiting for programs to finish their process. Additionally, Compensation Management needs accurate information regarding trends in compensation and productivity. Bamboo allows iuvo Technologies to track every cent, dollar, and paycheck, so we can identify which aspects of our organization may be above or below industry and market standards for pay, impacting how attractive your job offers can be, and helps you save money over time.

Everyone wants to work in a place where they can grow and are valued for their contributions. iuvo Technologies uses Bamboo to optimize performance management and employee satisfaction and well-being. The cutting-edge software can be customized to ask employees questions about their performance and seek feedback from peers while documenting everything in a performance review portfolio. This offers a more accurate and ongoing picture of employee performance and motivation.

Take the subjectivity and speculation out of your approval process for things like PTO, promotions, compensation, and more. Learn how to customize your workflow so you can automate this process more effectively. Let iuvo streamline your decision-making with Bamboo's powerful data-digging tools. Then, if you have to deny the request, it's not based on anything other than hard evidence.

Many organizations have to subcontract various elements of their HR operations to different vendors.  At iuvo Technologies, we use Bamboo so that it's all taken care of in one place. The applicant tracking system is nimble and user-friendly, ensuring that you don't overlook a great candidate who ends up going to your competitor. Finding the right person faster means you can decrease turnover and reduce money spent on associated  training costs.

Once you've made the hire, it's time to streamline all those vital documents. An employee's first impression of their new co-workers will determine how excited they are to get to work. If there is too much paperwork, some of the excitement factor is lost. Bamboo makes the paperwork process more painless and creates more face-to-face time for team-building. The arduous onboarding process is now organized, efficient, and keeps all onboarding tasks in one place. Use New Hire Packet Templates to customize the onboarding experience for each individual new hire, creating a more engaging process.

When the time comes to say goodbye, Bamboo makes it easy to capture exit interview data to inform your next hiring process. It also allows you to tie up loose ends, making sure that the outgoing person is correctly compensated and there are no ambiguities that open up any future liability for your organization.

Automating the process of approving time off saves valuable time and energy. In the Bamboo interface, employee requests for vacation automatically get sent to their manager's email and are saved in the BambooHR dashboard. Calendars are synced and automatically checked for conflicts. The employee is then digitally notified of their remaining balance (if applicable) in a matter of minutes so that everyone can deal with more pressing matters.

Payroll malfunctions are a major headache for any HR professional. People care about their paycheck, and they care about getting it on time.  With Bamboo, all withholdings are automatically deducted for federal and state purposes. If anything goes wrong, you have access to expert customer service, and only one database of information to work with. This makes it much easier and faster to resolve problems before payday.



Lead generation, sales consulting, and leveraging customer data are hallmarks of HubSpot's 3rd party marketing solutions. iuvo uses HubSpot for dynamic consulting and lead-tracking sales software that costs significantly less than competitors such as SalesForce. iuvo brings HubSpot to you with straightforward implementation, single-platform operation, help desk ticketing, and up to a two-fold increase in traffic and leads. We provide white-glove support as a natural extension of your marketing and sales team.


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Business Intelligence

Microsoft Build is a tool for business intelligence that capitalizes upon data for all aspects of your operation. Specifically, iuvo uses Microsoft's PowerBI tool to create up-to-the-minute analytics for real-time decision-making that you can rely on.

Impressive data visualizations make number-crunching digestible and memorable. AI capabilities and seamless Excel integration keep PowerBI operating at lightning speed, offering you clear, concise number stories on product segmentation, market share, key influencers, and sales figure analysis.

Your analytics data is also safe and sound with PowerBI. Microsoft leads the industry in data-safety capabilities, including monitoring who has accessed the data and when, end-to-end encryption, and sensitivity labeling so that certain data is shared with only those who need to know.

Compliance and regulatory burdens require that you produce clean data on demand. Data loss prevention has to be ensured at all levels of the organization. Additionally, every single member of your organization can be licensed for self-service. This means you can create a data-driven culture by giving everyone access to the necessary tools for business process automation. Your company's successes and improvement will be visibly displayed with graphics that are easy to understand. Growth areas will also be easy to identify for making sound business decisions.

We understand that your future depends on business intelligence data. We implement data analytics technology on a single platform, for both your single users and the full enterprise. We also protect your data by first creating a Defense in Depth strategy to thwart any potential breaches. We then provide ongoing training to your staff so that they know the ins and outs of how to be a human firewall. Finally, we help you create networking policies that reduce the impact of social engineering schemes.

Business Process Automation

Every employer has dozens of apps that its users access daily. The first major benefit of automating your business processes through iuvo is that we know how to get your tools and services to talk to each other without having to create new accounts and logins for each and every tool. For example, in an HR account, a profile can be effortlessly transferred to any other app or tool in the company. For example, in an HR account, a profile can be effortlessly transferred to any other app or tool in the company. 


Using tools like Bamboo HR, a business can transfer data from various points and move it into one place quickly and easily. iuvo provides this service by writing the APIs that integrate business tools together. We create custom coding that meets your exact needs and fully debug and troubleshoot before deployment.

Why does this matter? Because it removes all the extra work from your business to-do list and gives you peace of mind. Custom coding guarantees this automation works for your business and troubleshooting before deployment removes the risk of error.


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