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 Microsoft 365 Licensing Challenges 

When Microsoft 365 licenses are not managed correctly, they can inflate your business’ IT Budget. Managing these licenses is not only complicated but tedious. To ensure you're getting the most out of our Microsoft licenses, you are facing a multitude of challenges including: 

  • Confusing Licensing Structure: Microsoft 365's licensing options can be daunting. Having expert guidance can help your business avoid a less-than-ideal selection.  
  • Erratic Costs from Business Adjustments: As your business grows and changes its needs, so do your business’ license needs. Failing to monitor and scale your licenses as your business changes can result in missing coverage and needless expenses, decreasing your business efficiency. 
  • Sales-Driven Focus of Value-added resellers (VARs): VARs prioritize sales volume over your business’ specific licensing need which can culminate in excessive spend.

Optimizing your Microsoft 365 licensing facilitates cutting costs and ensures your dollar truly is adding value to your business.  

Microsoft 365 license optimization

iuvo's M365 License Optimization 

Choosing the appropriate Microsoft 365 licensing for your business can be complex. Navigating software licensing could send your business into chaos, where meeting your business’ needs becomes an increasing challenge. However, finding a solution should not be a challenge. By choosing iuvo, our expert consultants can bring "chaos to clarity" into your Microsoft 365 licensing strategy. We untangle the web of options provided by Microsoft 365 licensing, translating complexity into straightforward, tangible solutions.  

iuvo ensures that every software investment your business makes is aligned with your business objectives and growth. Below we have outlined why our approach is the preferred choice for businesses who are seeking simplicity and transparency with their Microsoft 365 licenses. 
  • Relationship-driven Approach: We value the relationships that we build with our clients. These relationships allow us to understand your unique needs and tailor solutions that are just right for your business.  
  • High touch, Trusted Advisory Services: We are trusted advisors to our clients, offering insights and guidance at every step. We ensure that your Microsoft 365 licensing is not just optimal today but continues to be as your business evolves.  
  • World-class NPS Score of 80: Our customer satisfaction is a testament to our commitment. With a Net Promotor Score of 80, we're proud to say that our clients aren’t just satisfied, they're delighted.  
  • Continuous Monitoring for Savings Opportunities: Technology and your business needs are constantly changing so we continuously monitor your Microsoft 365 licenses to ensure that you're always aligned with the best savings opportunities.  
  • Personalized & User-centric Focus:Your license needs are as unique as your business. Our methodology is designed to focus your needs at the center of our solutions. At iuvo, we are able to deliver personalized solutions to your business’ challenges by striving to understand your business’ goals and dreams.  


Four Pillars of iuvo's License Optimization 

Driving excellence in Microsoft 365 License Optimization requires a foundational approach that's both robust and comprehensive. iuvo has distilled license optimization to four core pillars designed to guide and to enhance your journey to optimal licensing. 

Customer-centric Insights:  iuvo’s customer-centric approach enables thorough undestanding of your current Microsoft 365 licensing structure. With this knowledge, we can ensure no missed opportunities in our quest for savings and efficiency.  

Customized Potential Savings Reports: iuvo’s approach is not just about finding inefficiencies—it’s about illuminating opportunities. Our comprehensive savings reports highlight savings opportunities, leaving more funds to grow your business.  

Optimization Strategies:  With insights gained from your licenses data, iuvo will provide clear, actionable steps to optimize your spending and utilization.  

Custom Portal and Dashboard:  Your Microsoft 365 licenses - simplified. Monitor and manage your licenses with ease using our license portal and its intuitive dashboard.  

vCIO Team's Recommendations:  iuvo’s vCIO team will act as your guide. From roadmaps to implementation, they ensure you’re utilizing your Microsoft 365 licenses to their full potential.  

Boost Functionality, Security, and Automation:  Beyond just basic licensing. Discover features that not only speed your organization's workflow, but also facilitate automation and fortify business security 

Comprehensive Implementation Support:  Change can be daunting, but iuvo's team of experts are here to guide you. Our team is dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition, from the start to finish. 

Tailored Services for Automation, Security, Migrations, and More:  iuvo is your complete solution. Whether it's automation, security protocols, or migration support, our suite of services is designed to meet all your business needs. 



Proof in Numbers

Our expertise with License Optimization is validated by real-world savings and efficiencies for our partners.  Using tailored analysis, we conducted a comprehensive review of our client's Microsoft license spend, allowing us to uncover opportunities for substantial savings and license efficiencies. Our analysis illuminates opportunities for immediate savings. For one customer, iuvo ensured a monthly reduction of $9,000 — which translated to $108,000 annual savings compared to their former CSP.  

In addition to the initial savings opportunities, our analysis spotlighted future potential savings of up to $247,000 annually by deploying iuvo's Modern Workplace platform. 

Transformative Savings 

The power of license optimization should not be limited to iuvo’s existing clients or expansive corporations. iuvo recognized the need for any and all business to elevate their Microsoft license utilization and felt compelled to provide expert license optimization guidance. While our existing clients enjoy this service as an integral part of our partnership, we realized that there's a wider world of businesses in need. Thus, we expanded the availability of our License Optimization service as a standalone offering. 

Microsoft 365 license optimization - ROI

Now, any business, regardless of its affiliation with us, can tap into our expertise to streamline and optimize their licenses. For companies with 100-150 employees, we've been the catalyst behind impressive average monthly savings of $1,622. For a deeper dive into our impact, check out our case study here.  


Our Guarantee: 100% ROI

At iuvo, we don't just promise; we commit. Our License Optimization service is crafted with precision, dedication, and an underlying assurance that you will achieve a 100% Return on Investment (ROI). 

But we don't stop there. 

Should we not meet that ROI for you, not only will we provide acomplete refund of your investment, but we will also add an additional $100 on top. 

We stand confidently by our services, and this guarantee is our seal of trust and commitment to you. 


Microsoft 365 Licensing Insights 

We've compiled a list of articles that provide insights on Microsoft 365 licensing and the advantages of collaborating with Cloud Solution Providers. These resources will equip you with the information and strategies you need to make the most out of your Microsoft 365 experience:  


Unlock the Potential of Efficient Microsoft Licensing 

Discovering efficiencies, eliminating overspending, and optimizing licenses doesn't have to be a solo journey. When it comes to Microsoft 365 licensing, let iuvo be your guide. Ready to optimize and save? Let iuvo be your trusted Cloud Solutions Partner. 


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At iuvo, our experts not only bring an average of 23+ years of IT experience to the table but also demonstrate our unwavering commitment to client satisfaction with an impressive NPS score of 80. This score is a testament to our ability to consistently exceed client expectations. By entrusting iuvo with your business needs, you're partnering with a team that merges deep-rooted expertise with a consistent track record of delivering excellence. Elevate your operations with iuvo – where unparalleled knowledge meets proven satisfaction. 
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