In today’s digital age, businesses need to perform smarter, faster, and more productively. Achieving that goal requires the right communication and collaboration technologies. iuvo will partner with you to understand your specific business needs and a provide complete package that will enable you to take advantage of the best messaging and collaboration services available to align your workforce and maximize your productivity.

How the right collaboration tools can help your business

Faster decision-making

Makes the IT infrastructure fit for purpose

Enables “any time” “any device” “anywhere”

Improves work-life balance

iuvo Technologies is a Microsoft Partner

We recommend and provide migration and management services for Microsoft Office 365. Messaging and Collaboration services are critical to your business, but iuvo will ensure these services are implemented in a way that meets your business goals. Iuvo Technologies offers a comprehensive package of tools and methodologies for your messaging including:

  • Migrate your e-mail infrastructure from any existing platform to Office 365 with minimal impact to your business using our migration platform.
  • Secure and protect your e-mail with our e-mail protection platform
  • Back up your e-mail or provide archiving services that may be required by business requirements.
  • Integrate Office 365 with your existing Directory services for Centralized Authentication.
  • Utilize Sharepoint for company collaboration, note sharing and productivity

Although we help our customers maximize their investment in Office 365, we also help our customers with other communication and collaboration systems such as Slack, Confluence and other products that maximize the productivity of your employees.


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